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Advanced Manufacturing Anaheim 2020 Room Block Request

General Information:

  • Complete and submit this form if you need to block 10 or more rooms.
  • Rooming lists must be submitted to CMR by Thursday, December 12, 2019.
  • All reservation changes and/or cancellations must be made through CMR.
  • All online reservation requests require a credit card guarantee.
  • Should you need to change your original request after submitting it, please notify us: Send us a message or call (800) 651-2842 (U.S. & Canada) or (415) 979-2285 (International).

  • (*Asterisks designate required fields)

    Correspondence should be sent to:

    Hotel Choices:

    Please provide your hotel choices in order of preference. Group housing assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis. If your hotel choices are not available, a Housing Representative will contact you.

    (*Asterisks designate required fields)

    Room/Suite Request:

    Please indicate the number of rooms requested for each night in the table below.

    Group Room Block Attrition Policy:
    The assigned group room block will be compared to your company’s actual room night utilization from previous years and/or maximum allotted room assignment. Advanced Manufacturing Anaheim Housing reserves the right to make adjustments to your block(s) based on the citywide event group block arrival and departure patterns. A maximum of 20% slippage to the contracted block will be allowed. Your company may be charged for the difference between your actual pick-up numbers reported by the hotel and 80% of your contracted room block. Should the actual room nights utilized be less than 80%, the group agrees to pay Informa Markets for the number of sleeping rooms not utilized. These monies are due within thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice.

    Early Bird Rates:
    Please note that if you book any rooms at the early bird rate, you must submit names for these rooms to Advanced Manufacturing Anaheim Housing by September 27, 2019. If you fail to submit your rooming list by September 27, 2019, then the rates for these rooms will be subject to change to the standard group rate.


    Feb 9
    Feb 10
    Feb 11
    Feb 12
    Feb 13

    * For suite requests, please indicate if the suite is for sleeping or hospitality function.
    Sleeping      Hospitality      N/A

    Deposit Information:

    Deposit Policy: Credit Card Guarantee or deposit for 1 night’s room rate + tax. Please note the hotel may pre-charge your credit card for 1 night's room rate + tax per room after January 17, 2020, prior to your group’s arrival.

    All room block requests submitted online must be guaranteed with a credit card (no checks).

    Financial Information:

    Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellation policies vary by hotel. See cancellation policies.

    Please be aware that this cancellation policy is entirely separate from the attrition policy enforced by Advanced Manufacturing Anaheim 2020. (see Attrition Policy above).

    Additional Questions:

    *Is your company exhibiting or attending?
    Exhibiting   Attending