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Multi-Res Account Management: To begin, enter your Multi-Res Group Code and password in the form below, and click "Log In." If you do not currently have an account and wish to make more than 1 reservation, please click "Create New Account" and proceed.

Upon creating a new account, you will be sent an email with your group code and password. Please save the email for future reference. Using those login credentials, you may later return to this Manage Reservations tab to make multiple reservations, as well as make changes, and cancellations. In addition to receiving individual email confirmations for the reservations, you will be able to download a booking list in excel format.

Enter your email address to retrieve your password.

To reserve a block of rooms, complete the Online Block Request Form. NATA Housing will process your request and send you a group block agreement within 5 business days by email.

Once you have signed and returned your contract to housing, you will receive your account name and password via email to manage your room block online.

Manage Your Block Online: To begin, enter your account name and password in the form below, and click "Log In." Once you have logged in, the Hotel List and Reservation Form pages will contain information specific to your Group.

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